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1. Review the table below and find a uniform set that will fit your son/daughter for the Spring 2021 season. 

2. Contact the seller listed to make sure it's a good match and still available. 

3. If it's a good match for your player, the seller will complete the uniform number exchange request form that they received via email. 

4. The uniform coordinator will either approve or deny the request based on number availability for that age group. If approved, you and the seller may then make arrangements to complete the exchange. 

More information and details on order timelines are available in the informational email sent on March 1st. Please refer to that email to see if your question is answered. 

Please note that updates to the list will be made at least once a day, we will try to make updates more frequently if possible. Please contact Amanda Jacobson if you have any additional questions. 


MC United Jerseys/Shorts for Sale

Uniform # Items Available/Size Price for Set Condition Contact # Contact Email Contact Name
44 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - YXL and Black shorts - YL $25 Gently Used 9202036296 Becky
2 Black Jersey - YM and Black shorts YM $10 -- two pairs of shorts and black jersey Gently Used 704-310-1463 Margy
80 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - AS and Black shorts - AM $40 New 7152122302 Roxi
10 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - YXL and Black shorts Women's S $25 Gently Used 7155717773 Laurie
48 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - YXL and Black shorts YXL $25 Gently Used 7152979182 JTIPPLE@LSELECTRIC.COM Jessica
66 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - AM and Black shorts Women's M $25 Gently Used 7154321116 Angie
41 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - YXL and Black shorts Women's S $25 Gently Used 6084491921 Ashley
39 Gold Jersey, Black Jersey - AM and Black shorts AM $25 Gently Used 7153701545 Jessi

Uniform socks and warm up items for sale

Items Price Contact # Contact Email Contact Name
Nike Dri-Fit Lightweight Zip up Warm Up jacket, size Youth XL, Black with new logo $12 715-204-8952 Crystal
Yellow Nike socks still in package $8 7154327299 Julia
Gently worn, youth medium, black Nike warm-up pants with small MCU logo on right hip $10 7155716859 Sarah

MC United Uniforms

Who Needs a Uniform

All MCU players who are registered to play on a Classic league or State league team must purchase their own uniform. Rental uniforms are no longer offered for any age group.

Players who are registered in the MCU Firecrackers Youth Academy will not order a uniform. Players in the Firecrackers program will receive a free t-shirt as part of their registration.

Uniform Sizing Sessions

Uniform sizing sessions will be held prior to each season. Players will have the opportunity to try on sample uniform and warm-up items. Notices concerning the sizing session will be sent via email, and posted to the MC United Facebook page around February (Spring season) and June/July (Fall Season). We are unable to have uniform sizing sessions this Spring 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

How To Order

All MCU families purchasing a uniform will receive an email from Stefans Soccer that will outline how to order the new uniform via Stefans Soccer online portal. Jerseys and shorts will be customized with a player's number. Families can expect to receive this email in February for the Spring season and July/August for the Fall season. 

NEW! All orders placed with Stefans Soccer will now be delivered directly to the customer, we will no longer have orders shipped in bulk. Please note that shipping charges may apply and all orders must still be placed within the 3-day ordering window for the order to be delivered before the start of games/tournaments for the corresponding season. 

Player Numbers

Please note that player numbers are assigned in advance by our Uniform Committee. Because players on the same team cannot have the same number, we have initiated an assigned number system in order to ensure that players in the same age groups do not have duplicate numbers. We do not take special requests for jersey numbers and we do not allow siblings to share uniforms/jerseys. Although we try to keep numbers the same for each player, there could be a possible number change in any of the following circumstances: 

  • When MC United begins a new uniform (each uniform is by the uniform vendors on a two year cycle).
  • If a player sells and/or purchases a uniform from an MC United uniform exchange.
  • If a player moves from a classic level team to state level team.
  • If a player moves from a state level team to a classic level team.


The required MCU kit includes: a yellow jersey, a black jersey, black team shorts, yellow socks and black socks. The kit is approximately $108 +tax and shipping (per player) during the Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 term. If the order is placed outside of the seasonal ordering period, the cost will increase and the order is not guaranteed to arrive prior to the first game/tournament for that season. 

We are proud to continue recognizing Peoples State Bank on our uniforms throughout the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 season. Thank you Peoples State Bank for your support of MC United.  

Uniform Policy

We understand that some parents with several MC United players, especially those who may play in different seasons, may ask about the possibility of players “sharing” uniforms.  MC United’s policy is to not allow players to share uniforms (and therefore player numbers) for several reasons:

  • Numbers are assigned in an attempt to avoid having players in the same age with the same uniform number and in acknowledgement of the fact that as players approach the 11 v 11 age groups, chances are they will be on teams with 2-3 age groups (for example: a U15 team with U13, U14, U15 players).
  • If we allow players to share numbers/jerseys, we not only have to look across age groups for conflicts, but across genders.
  • With nearly 400+ kids playing MC United over the course of a year, it is administratively challenging to keep track of which players share numbers on which teams, and to ensure that a team does not have players with a duplicate uniform. 
  • MC United has made considerable effort to keep uniform costs low with sponsorships and by carefully evaluating the costs of uniform selections. 

Spirit Wear

Nike brand spirit wear will be offered through Stefans Soccer once per season during each uniform ordering period.

Additional spirit wear and other items also will be available through MS Graphics throughout the year. Please refer to the home page for the link to order spirit wear year round or access MS Graphics here


Recommended Washing Instructions for Uniform Items

To keep your player's uniform in the best condition and to prevent numbers from coming off or becoming damaged, MC United recommends the following when washing uniform jerseys, shorts, and any spirit wear items.

WASHING: Machine wash inside-out in cold water using a mild detergent. No bleach of any kind should be used.

DRYING: Line/hang dry uniform and spirit wear items.

DO NOT: Apply perfume/cologne, bug spray or any kind of aerosol spray on or near transfers or numbers; iron garment over transfers or numbers; or dry-clean. 

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Amanda Jacobson.

Amanda Jacobson

Uniform Liaison