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MC United Uniforms

Non-High School Age Players

All MCU players who do not have a MCU uniform, will need to order one. The kit is available for three years. In Fall 2019, all MCU players will need new uniforms as our current uniform will expire then.

High School Age Players (U15+)

Players on U15+ teams will have the option to purchase a uniform or to rent a uniform ($20 fee per season). Socks are not included in the rental fee, but can be purchased directly from Stefans Soccer or Amanda Jacobson. Amanda Jacobson will contact parents of high school players concerning uniform options upon completion of team formation in early February.

The new MCU kit will be available for three years (Fall 2016 marks the first season for the new uniforms).

How To Order

All MCU families who are purchasing a uniform will receive an email from Stefans Soccer that will outline how to order the new uniform online from Stefans Soccer. Jerseys will be customized with a player's number. 

Player Numbers

Please note that player numbers are assigned in advance by our Uniform Committee. Because players on the same team cannot have the same number, we have initiated an assigned number system in order to ensure that players in the same age groups do not have the same uniform number. We do not take special requests for jersey numbers. 


The required MCU kit includes: a yellow jersey, a black/white jersey, team shorts and socks. 

We would like to thank our Club Sponsor — Quirt Dentistry. Thanks to their generous donation, each MCU player receives their first pair of shorts for free.

Uniform questions?

Lost jersey? Need another pair of shorts? For assistance with MCU club uniforms, please contact:

Amanda Jacobson


Uniform Policy

We understand that some parents with several MC United players, especially those who may play in different seasons, may ask about the possibility of players “sharing” uniforms.  MC United’s policy is to not allow players to share uniforms (and therefore player numbers) for several reasons:

  • Numbers are assigned in an attempt to avoid having players in the same age with the same uniform number and in acknowledgement of the fact that as players approach the 11 v 11 age groups, chances are they will be on teams with 2-3 age groups (for example: a U15 team with U13, U14, U15 players).
  • If we allow players to share numbers/jerseys, we not only have to look across age groups for conflicts, but across genders.
  • With nearly 400+ kids playing MC United over the course of a year, it is administratively challenging to keep track of which players share numbers on which teams, and to ensure that a team does not have players with a duplicate uniform.  
  • In order to help families save on uniform costs, the $20 uniform rental option (as outlined below) is a reasonable alternative for a family having to buy two (or more) full uniforms.
  • MC United has made considerable effort to keep uniform costs low with sponsorships (free shorts).

Uniform Rental Policy

Any players rostered on a MCU U15+ team where the team does not play a full 2017-2018 season have the option to rent rather than buy a uniform based on available supply.

New in Fall 2016

New in Fall 2016

New in Fall 2016