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MCU Scholarships Are Available

MCU Scholarships are available to those families who receive a free or reduced lunch through their school district. For those families who receive free school lunches, the MCU Scholarship includes the entire MCU registration fee. For those families who receive reduced lunches at the schools, the MCU Scholarship includes half the MCU registration fee. MCU uniforms, equipment and travel expenses are not included in the MCU scholarship program. Scholarships can apply for each child in a family. 

All MC United players are expected to show a high level of sportsmanship and commitment to their team-mates and coaches with regular, on-time attendance at practices, games, and tournaments. All MC United families, including those receiving a scholarship, are required to volunteer 2 hours of time per player (up to 4 hours total) each season. 

The availability of scholarships is reviewed annually based on the Club’s available resources and the numbers of players in need of assistance.  Consideration of a player’s past level of commitment, including fulfillment of volunteer hours, is considered when granting each season’s scholarship award. 

HOW TO OBTAIN A FINANCIAL SCHOLARSHIP:  A limited number of MCU Scholarships are available to those families who receive FREE or REDUCED lunch through their school district. A current copy of the free/reduced lunch letter from your child's school district is required to be uploaded during registration to apply. Please upload this letter each seasonal registration session. Applications for scholarships that do not have the required school lunch document will not be considered. It is your responsibility to be sure this information is provided by the registration deadline. Your child(ren) will not be placed on a team and will be unable to practice or play in games/tournaments if the applicable document(s) are not uploaded and verified.

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis among those with completed documentation. We make every attempt to accommodate all players in need of financial assistance, but please register early, as the scholarship funds are limited. 

If you have questions about obtaining an MCU Scholarship, please contact Sharon Belton.