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MCU Team Managers

Team Manager Checklist

As Team Manager, you are responsible for managing the details for your soccer team and facilitating communication between the coach and parents. That said, each coach is different and has different preferences — some prefer to have the team manager send email reminders and communications, some prefer to do it themselves. A simple one-on-one discussion with your coach to clarify your role and responsibilities is best.

In general, as an MC United Team Manager your duties are as follows.

  1. Maintain all team documents. Keep a team binder with an original copy of the team roster, five backup copies of the team roster, original medical consent forms, 2-3 copies of each medical consent form, player concussion forms, player cards, blank medical consent forms, blank concussion forms and guest player forms/passes, as needed.
  2. Manage tournament details. Once tournaments are selected, you will be responsible for completing all necessary tournament registration steps. Download the MCU Team Manager Guide to Tournament Registration for a step-by-step guide. (see sidebar)
  3. Serve as liaison between the coach and parents. Pass on all questions and concerns expressed by team parents to your coach.
  4. Maintain communication. Keep the team running smoothly by pdating parents concerning practice schedules and tournaments — and any changes in scheduling.
  5. Facilitate uniform orders. While you are not responsible for ordering and delivering uniforms, you may assist the parents by facilitating any issues that arise.
  6. Maintain contact information for all players and parents.

WYSA Guest Player Forms

Online form to register non-club guest players for tournaments. Fill out the form, print the confirmation and place the confirmation in your team binder. Bring the binder to the tournament.