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Why MC United?




Spring 2019 Registration is Now Closed

Registration for the Spring 2019 MCU season is now closed. 

If You Missed the Registration Deadline

Players who miss the registration deadline can be placed on a waiting list by contacting Dave Draeger (Girls team formation) or Mark Schommer (Boys team formation).  Dave and Mark will do their best to find a spot, however, please be aware that being placed on the waiting list does NOT guarantee player placement on a team. 

Classic Teams

Please note: MC United has separate registration sessions for fall and spring teams; there is not a full year registration option for Classic teams.  Offering separate registration sessions allows the Club to be more consistent with registration options used in other areas of the state and gives more flexibility to team formation.

Spring 2019 Registration

The spring season runs from April to mid-July. It consists of both Central Wisconsin Soccer League (CWSL) games and Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) sanctioned tournaments. Fees include registration, Eastbay Sports Complex fees, three spring tournaments and CWSL league games.

U8 - U10

  • $225 + $30 (Soccer Complex Fee) + $9 Demosphere fee. $264 total.

U11 - U14

  • $250 + $30 (Soccer Complex Fee) + $10 Demosphere fee. $290 total.


  • $275 + $30 (Soccer Complex Fee) + $11 Demosphere fee. $316 total.
  • Please note the following as regards high school players: MC United welcomes all players. However, it is recommended that players joining MC United for the first time as a high school player (freshman U15s through U18) have some prior experience playing in another competitive soccer club; WAYSA, Everest Youth Soccer, or another indoor or outdoor recreational soccer program; or have participated for a season in their school district’s middle or high school soccer program. Parents of high school players interested in joining MC United that have not had any prior soccer experience should contact Lance Kelly, MC United’s Director of Coaching, prior to registration. This will help ensure that parents and players that are brand new to soccer have information about general skill, agility, and fitness expectations prior to committing to participation.

State League Teams 

Registration options for MCU State Teams are as follows. (Please note that in order to be placed on a State Team, players must attend a tryout session.)

U13 Boys (Elite), U14 Girls (Estrellas) and U15 Boys (Invictus  (full year Fall 2018-Spring 2019)

  • Players will register for the full seasonal year during the Fall 2018 registration session and players will retain their spots for the full year.
  • Includes 3 fall tournaments and 8 to 10 league games and 3 spring tournaments and 8 to 10 league games
  • $675 + $30 (Soccer Complex Fee) + $24 Demosphere fee.  $729 total.

U15 Girls (Pinter), U18 Girls (Bizjak) – Fall 2018 Only and U17 Boys (Galacticos) – Spring 2019 Only

  • Includes 3 tournaments and 8 to 10 league games
  • $340 + $30 (Soccer Complex Fee) + $13 Demosphere fee.  $383 total.
  • For those who need to rent a uniform, there will be a $20 fee.

Multi-player Discount policy:

  • The Club will waive the registration fee for the 3rd or greater concurrent player(s) from the same family, subject to the following conditions:
  • The discount covers only the registration and Soccer Complex fee, not uniform or other expenses.
  • The registration fee is based on CWSL participation fees, not state league registration fees.
  • The discount is applied to the lowest registration cost of the player in the same family (see #4).  For example, if 3 players have registration fees of $280, $235 and $220, the total registration fee to be waived would be $220.

WYSA Player Transfer Policy:

Per Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) policy, a player is considered committed to a club for the soccer seasonal year (8/1 - 7/31) when a written acceptance occurs and a parent/guardian completes the player registration form and submits it to a club representative. If at any time during the registration seasonal year, a competitive player desires to transfer to another club's team (interclub transfer), a parent/guardian must submit WYSA’s competitive player transfer form.  In practical terms, this means that any player who registers for MC United for the fall 2018 season who then wants to change to another club at any time before July 31, 2019, including before the spring 2019 season, will be considered a transfer and is subject to WYSA competitive player transfer policies. More information about WYSA’s policy can be found here:

If your situation meets these criteria, please contact Mark Schommer (MCU Boys’ Team Formation) or Dave Draeger (MCU Girls’ Team Formation).

Payment Plan Dates

Spring: 1/3 at online registration, 1/3 on March 1, and 1/3 on April 1.

Additional Information

The Spring 2019 season will be open to U8 players.


MCU Volunteer Hours

MC United is successful because all members help support the Club. Each MCU family is required to volunteer two hours per season. When families register their player(s), they will be asked to select a volunteer option. 

The two-hour volunteer requirement is a family total (anyone in the family can contribute to the two hours). Families do not need to volunteer two hours per player, just two hours total.

Volunteer opportunities will be available on the DIBS platform and are tracked. Most families volunteer at the MCU tournaments. If you are an MCU coach, team manager, board member or committee member, your time in this capacity serves as your required family volunteer time.

Demosphere Registration Instructions

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Team Formation

Sharon Belton

President; Board Chair

Dave Draeger

Team Formation - Girls

Mark Schommer

Team Formation - Boys