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Rescheduling CWSL Games

Per CWSL Rules & Regulations, no games should be cancelled within 24 hours of the game except for instances of inclement weather. 

Rescheduling Procedure

  • Need approval from League President and Treasurer to reschedule game.
  • Upon approval you will fill out the Rescheduling Form (will be emailed to you)
  • The team rescheduling must initiate the rescheduling process
  • The team rescheduling must notify the home field scheduler and the referee assignor immediately.
  • The League scheduler must cancel the game in League One.
  • The League scheduler must notify the referee scheduler whom must cancel the game in Game Officials. If you do not notify the referee assignor for that game immediately your club will be responsible for paying the referees in full.
  • Teams will work on a new date to reschedule
  • Once a new date is firmed, then the League One schedule must be updated by the League Scheduler.
  • The Field scheduler must notify the referee scheduler whom must make the change (new game date) in Game Officials
  • The change in League One will notify all parties involved (players, coaches & managers)

Rescheduling process

  • The rescheduling team could provide three (3) alternate playing dates/times as soon as possible
  • The team being rescheduled upon shall:
    •  If the rescheduling team provided alternate playing date/times pick one new date within one week
    • Both teams shall agree on the new date one (1) week after the alternate dates are presented: so there is a maximum of two (2) weeks to reschedule from the time of the rescheduling notification

Please note that a fee of $150.00 per game shall be assessed to the team that forfeits the game. A forfeit is declared when a team fails to show up or cancels a game in advance. The forfeiting club pays full referee fees and a forfeit is recorded as a 1-0 favor of the team that is present or is willing to play the game.



Reimbursement Forms

Coaches please complete this form and either scan and email the completed form to the MCU Treasurer or mail to MC United, PO Box, PO BOX 1071, Wausau, WI 54402-1071. 

Rachel Shirck

Club Treasurer


Lance Kelly

Competition & Coaching Chair

Michelle Rothmeyer

CWSL Scheduler & Field Assignor

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