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Referee Training

Become a Soccer Referee!

Are you looking to earn some extra money? Do you love soccer and want to get paid to watch it? Become a soccer official! The local Wausau area new soccer official class has been announced. The course is a one day class on Saturday, March 16th from 8:30 - 5 PM. It is being held at the Greenheck Field House (6400 Alderson Street, Schofield, WI 54476). The minimum age to become a new soccer referee is 12 years old. The cost of the course is $71. There is online coursework that must be done before the class that takes about 5-8 hours. There is a limit of 30-40 people for this class so register as soon as possible in order to secure a spot. There are not many opportunities out there for youths to make at minimum of more than $14 per hour.  Last season, the Central Wisconsin Soccer League paid referees (Center and Assistant Referees) between $14 - $58 per game depending on age group and referee experience. The minimum payment for a U9/U10 game (which is the level a new referee would start at) is $20 for a center referee and $14 for assistant referees. That is at least $14 for refereeing a U9/U10 game of 50 minutes in length!


Sign up info:

The new soccer referee course offered in the Wausau area is now on Game Officials (Game Officials is the website that is used to manage soccer referees and for receiving game assignments and information.).  The class is on March 16, 2019 at the Greenheck Field House that is attached to the DC Everest High School.  To find information:  go to and move your mouse over and click on “Becoming a Referee” on the top” to learn more about becoming a new soccer referee. To find the course, click on “this link” and that will take you to a Game Officials window, click on: “New Referee Course” to see the list of course locations. Find and click on course 28518 for Schofield Class.  You will need to create a Game Officials account to sign up for the class. If you have any trouble, contact Eric Lorge (Wausau Area Referee Assignor) below and I can walk you through it. The course will be taught by Brandon Wachholz & Dave Schumann.  If you know of anyone else, please try and talk them in to becoming an official.  If you have any questions, please contact Eric Lorge.


Details how to get to classroom on the day of class:

Enter Greenheck Field House through the main entrance.  Walk into commons area and past the concession stand.  Continue walking down the long hallway until you get to the end (you will go through a couple doors but keep walking straight).  At the end of the hall, go left through the doors.  You will see the group fitness studio on your right and the fitness center straight ahead.  Enter the fitness center and walk straight ahead to the conference room.

For more information, contact Eric Lorge, North Central Soccer Referee Unit Vice President, USSF Assignor and Referee via email or 715.432.9639