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MCU State League Tryouts

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MCU Scholarships Are Available

MCU Scholarships are available to those families who receive a free or reduced lunch through their school district. To obtain an MCU Scholarship, simply provide a copy of the free/reduced lunch letter and indicate the name and age of your child and for what season the scholarship would apply.

For those families who receive free school lunches, the MCU Scholarship includes the entire MCU registration fee. For those families who receive reduced lunches at the schools, the MCU Scholarship includes half the MCU registration fee. MCU uniforms, equipment and travel expenses are not included in the MCU scholarship program. Scholarships can apply for each child in a family.

All MC United players are expected to show a high level of sportsmanship and commitment to their team-mates and coaches with regular, on-time attendance at practices, games, and tournaments.

The availability of scholarships is reviewed annually based on the Club’s available resources and the numbers of players in need of assistance.  Consideration of a player’s past level of commitment is considered when granting each season’s scholarship award. 

If you are interested in obtaining an MCU Scholarship, mail the aforementioned information to: 

MC United
P.O. Box 1071
Wausau, WI 54402

Spring 2017 Season Highlights

Please review this webpage and the pages listed in the left-hand navigation for information concerning:

New WYSA Rules

Please see below for some NEW information about changes that will be impacting all Wisconsin soccer clubs effective Fall 2016 and going forward. 
1. Change to birth year registration 
Here is a simple explanation for soccer ages that will be used by all Wisconsin soccer clubs for the fall 2016/spring 2017 soccer season. 
2009 = U8
2008 = U9
2007 = U10
2006 = U11
2005 = U12
2004 = U13
2003 = U14
2002 = U15
2001 = U16
2. Increase in the number of players on the field during U9, U10, U11, and U12 games
U9 = 7 v 7 (from 6 v 6)
U10 = 7 v 7 (from 6 v 6)
U11 = 9 v 9 (from 8 v 8)
U12 = 9 v 9 (from 8 v 8)
U13 and up = no changes; remains at 11 v 11
3. Increase in the number of players allowed on U9, U10, U11, and U12 rosters
U9 = 14 (up from 11)
U10 = 14 (up from 11)
U11 = 16 (up from 14)
U12 = 16 (up from 14)
U13 and up = no changes; game day rosters of 18
During team formation, MC United will make every attempt to keep rosters sizes at a reasonable number in order to maximize playing time
4. Offsides rules may be in effect at U9 and U10 depending on referee availability at games and at the discretion of individual competitions
5. No changes in the size of ball used at each level.
U9 to U12 use size 4 ball
U13 and up use a size 5 ball
6. Penalty for forfeited games.
Please be aware that parent/player commitment is critical to the success of MCU teams and the Club. Teams that forfeit games due to lack of player availability are subject to a $150 fine per game. Parents whose players are not available for the forfeited games will be responsible for this cost.

Team Formation

Kurt Woodward

Registrar Chair

Dave Draeger

Team Formation - Girls

Sharon Belton

Team Formation - Boys